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  Product Pakistani Rice


Rice Pakistan is a major producer and exporter of the following rice varieties:

  • Long Grain White Rice
  • Super Basmati Rice
  • Long Grain Basmati
  • Non-basmati Fragrant Rice
  • 100% Broken Rice

Our production process is a large state of the art high tech plant which concentrates the most modern and efficient solutions in the industry.

The real breakthrough is not just technological, although we uses the most advanced machines, but encompasses our's revolutionary approach to rice processing. Through a strict quality and efficiency control of every production phase and a totally new production lay out, we are able to run a "zero waste" operation.

The rice waste which is generated at every stage of the process is reused for maximum efficiency and total environment preservation.

• Long grain Irri6 parboiled rice
• Long grain Irri9 parboiled rice
• Long grain Irri6 white milled rice
• Long grain Irri9 white milled rice
• Long grain 386 parboiled rice
• Long grain PK-385 Basmati white milled rice
• Long grain D98 Basmati white milled rice
• Extra Long grain Super Basmati brown rice
• Extra Long grain Super Basmati white milled rice
• 100% broken milled rice

All above varieties can be processed as white and brown rice with desired broken percentage as per your requirements


• 500 gms – 1 Kg – 2 Kgs HDPE & LDPE Bags
• 5 Kgs Cotton/Jute Bags
• 10 Kgs Cotton/Jute Bags
• 20 Kgs Cotton/Jute Bags

• 25 Kg. PE bags
• 50 Kg. PE bags
• 25 Kg. PP bags

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